13 February, 2016

Use Strong Password in Email, Chatting, Online Purchasing and Internet Banking etc.

Cyber criminals are not illiterate. They belong to the most educated class of society. They hack the password and commit crime like fraud, pornography, stealing money from your account and cyber terrorism etc. These are the following tips for using strong password in email, chatting, online purchasing and internet banking etc.:-
  • For each computer and service you use (e-mail, chatting, online purchasing, for example), you should have a password.
  • You shouldn’t write them down nor should you share them with anyone, even your best friends.
  • Computer intruders use trial-and-error, or brute-force techniques, to discover passwords.
  • Use alphanumeric characters and special characters in your password.
  • The length of password should be as long as possible (More than 8 characters).
  • Do not write it to some place where it is visible to someone else.

Courtesy:- Legal Point Foundation

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