12 February, 2016

Glossary of Common Legal Terms (M)

See writ petition.

A general description of a case, legal issue or dispute.

Those profits which the person in wrongful possession of such property actually received or might with ordinary diligence have received therefrom, together with interest on such profits, but shall not include profits due to improvements made by the person in wrongful possession;

Miscellaneous Petition or Application
An application is made during the pendency of the main petition, asking for a direction or an interim order. These include applications for modification or clarification of a court’s order, amendment of a petition, impleadment or intervention.

Mutatis Mutandis

The law in a particular situation is said to apply mutatis mutandis in a different situation when it is used with any changes that are necessary in the latter. This means that matters or things are generally the same, but that details such as names, offices etc. are altered when necessary.

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